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Made in Canada


1317A PORTAGE AVENUE - between Spruce & Valour, across from Advance Electronics.


Portage Avenue in front of the store is down to 2 lanes. There will be no parking allowed on Portage.

Parking for the Winnipeg store: 1 hr parking on Spruce, 2 hr parking on Valour and we have 4 designated spots in the back and the back door is open during store hours. Hull's door in the back is the large BLUE door (not the glass door).

Our website is currently being updated. If you have any questions about our product or pricing, please call one of our stores. Thank you.

Alone Yet Not Alone

Enthuse Entertainment   DVD

Drop Box

Pine Creek Entertainment   DVD

Empire's End

Jerry B Jenkins   Paperback


Steve Bell   CD

Mystery of The Shemitah

Cahn Jonathan   Paperback

Four Blood Moons

Hagee John   Paperback

Third Target

Joel Rosenberg

Left Behind - Dvd

Stoney Lake Ent


Henderson Dee   Paperback

Three Heavens

Hagee John   Paperback

Heritage of Lancaster County 3-in-1

Lewis Beverly   Hardcover


Jim Cymbala   Paperback

Lethal Legacy #3 Guardians of Justice

Hannon Irene   Paperback

Rachel #3 Wives of Patriarchs

Smith Jill Eileen   Paperback

Noweher to Turn

Lynette Eason   Paperback

Experiencing Heaven: Three True Stories

Piper, Murphy, Gire   Hardcover

Dutch Blitz


Vanishing Grace

Philip Yancey   Paperback

Marriage You'Ve Always Wanted

Gary Chapman   Paperback

Laugh Out Loud Doodles

Rob Elliott   Paperback

Jack Staples and The Ring of Time

Patterson & Clark   Paperback

Grave Robber

Batterson Mark   Paperback

Experience The Impossible

Johnson Bill   Paperback

Agents of The Apocalypse

Jeremiah David   Paperback

Eight Twenty Eight

Murphy Ian & Larissa   Paperback

275 Reimer Avenue
Steinbach MB R5G 0R4
Ph: 204-326-2430
Fax: 204-326-6925
1317A Portage Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3G 0V3
Ph: 204-947-1365
Fax: 204-947-5405

Toll Free 1-800-461-1365

All prices are in Canadian funds and are applicable to online purchases only.

Thank you for visiting our site and we invite you to check out our stores in person!